Professional Experience

Tobi is CEO of Ocurate. Ocurate takes lifetime value prediction from 70% to 90%+ accuracy for B2C and eCommerce companies. Our secret sauce is a deep machine learning framework optimized over Ocurate‚Äôs proprietary database and customer data. Improving LTV prediction by 25%+ has a significant impact on our customer’s overall business with a potential increase of gross profit by 15%+!

Big Data Experience in Industry

Led team to build out a SaaS solution providing progressive campaigns with more than 1 Billion actionable data points, PredictWise PublicOpinion Engine

Tobias Konitzer built PredictWise into the most sophisticated targeting engine on the progressive left on the premise of combining high-dimensional attitudinal and behavioral data via AI. PredictWise helped reach over 20 Million people directly on their cellphones and provided the DNC and key swing states with fast alternatives empowering them to avoid the fall-out from the Facebook political ad shutdown. Its unique, verified data on 50 Million high-precision unregistered powered countless conversations; in just one example it was used to motivate over 90,000 unregistered women to use same-day registration in key rust belt swing states. Link here

Wrote software to correct bias in Facebook Survey data (SurveyAdjustment; in company-wideuse), Facebook Research
Created algorithms for Pain Scores and personalized treatment recommendations based on data base with over 100,000 patient treatment reviews HealthOutcome