Tobias Konitzer is an academically trained entrepreneur who has a proven track record of turning research into technology into product that addresses ubiquitous pain points. Tobias currently serves as the CEO of Ocurate, which he founded in July 2021. Ocurate is on a mission to make its best-in-class LTV predictions the new organizing principle of B2C companies.
Before Ocurate, Tobias was CEO and co-founder of PredictWise, leading cutting-edge development and productization of completely tailored audiences at the intersection of behaviors, attitudes, and personality.
PredictWise helps progressive decision-makers activate and grow their core audiences while finding their most high-yield targets. PredictWise processes a large array of public opinion data collected via our novel, mobile-based polling infrastructure in combination with location and cell-phone usage data through distributed AI to score 260M+ Americans on hundreds of data points, enabling data-driven decision making and precise individual-level targeting.
Tobias started PredictWise after leaving Facebook, where he worked on the Facebook Research team authoring SurveyAdjustment, a tool to leverage Facebook’s extended data for removing bias from survey data.
During his tenure at PredictWise, Tobias started to understand the value of this database in conjunction with modern machine learning for consumer-facing companies: Companies have a hard time optimizing over and understanding margins (LTV:CAC ratio) that is crucial for both profitability and accurate financial forecasting. The reason: predicting LTV is hard because it requires large-scale data and sophisticated AI.
On this premise, Tobias founded Ocurate, empowering brands to focus on the right customer by predicting lifetime value, and churn, conversion and growth at the individual level, with unprecedented accuracy.
From an academic perspective, Tobias’ research has touched upon the effectiveness of large scale TV advertising campaigns, Bing Search Patterns, location patterns, and large-scale telemetry data.
Tobias has a PhD as the David Casper Stanford Graduate Fellow in Computational Social Science at Stanford University and a Masters degree from Duke.


Big Data Experience in Industry
Led team to build out a SaaS solution providing progressive campaigns with more than 1 Billion actionable data points, PredictWise PublicOpinion Engine